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Clean Room Phones

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TLS 250
( 361.18 KB)

Hands-free Clean Room Telephones for Pharmaceutical and Hospital Clients

The TLS 250 is an analogue phone, capable of working as part of any general analogue, digital or VoIP communications system, yet specifically designed for clean room applications. 

The standard unit is telephone line powered, requiring no additional power supply, and will connect as a direct replacement to any existing analogue telephone.

The units conform to IP.6.5 for water and dust protection.  

The polyester face-plate is resistant to all solvents, except for concentrated minerals, concentrated caustic solution, high-pressure steam above 100C, alcohol benzyn, and methylene chloride. Fungicides, bacteriocides and viruticides may be used.



bulletPharmaceutical and Biotechnology
bulletFoods and Beverages
bulletBreweries, Distilleries
bulletOther Sterile Environments



bulletFlush-mounting / NO fixing screws
bulletCompletely washable - no ingress areas
bulletTelephone line powered (no additional power required)
bulletFULL-DUPLEX conversation even in noisy areas
bulletOptional powered amplifier for very noisy machine room environments.
bulletAutomatic hang-up at the end of conversation
bulletRemotely programmable
bulletRed LED lights during connection
bulletDTMF/impulse dialling
bulletTelemaintenance option
bulletOptional relay card for opening a door by a remote password



bulletRinging call voltage - > 35 V RMS 25Hz or 50Hz
bulletLine current (off-hook position) - 35mA (20mA minimum)
bulletTerminal voltage (on-hook position) - 48V (24V minimum)
bulletDialling system - DTMF or Pulse
bulletDimensions & Weight: See PDF document, TLS 250
bulletProtection- IP 6.5 (Face Plate)



Clean Room Phones
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