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Clean Room Intercom

TCH 250  Master Station

TCH 250  Slave Station

TCH 202 Control Room Station

TCH 202 Desk / Wall Station

Universal -OIIS System

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Universal 2G


TCH 201 -202 Series


The LE LAS® UNIVERSAL-OIIS (Omnibus Industrial Intercom System) has been designed to satisfy the typical communication network requirements in pharmaceutical, healthcare and other clean room environments.

The system is configured on a omnibus line with distributed switching and distributed amplifiers: these makes the UNIVERSAL system one of the best

possible solutions for many customers.


Clean Room Intercom Stations

The units comprise of a painted steel-plate backing-case and a stainless waterproof faceplate (IP65) with a self-adhesive transparent plastron polyester laminate to the front face with integrated keypad. 

bulletSymbols are printed on the reverse side to avoid ink particulate shredding. 

The polyester face-plate is resistant to all solvents, except for concentrated minerals, concentrated caustic solution, high-pressure steam above 100°C, alcohol benzyn, and methylene chloride. 


Fungicides, bacteriocides and viruticides may be also used. 


An optional 5W loudspeaker is available for very noisy environments


Flush Mount or Surface Mount options are available


General Technical Characteristics


Up to 25 km and over, with standard copper telephone cable.


Easy to expand from 2 up to 100 stations, without central exchange cabinet


Possibility to close the communication cables in a loop, so that the system will be operating also in case of cable interruption.


Local electronic and local amplification for the highest reliability and the best possible sound adjustment.


Hands-Free with PTT controlled by one side only: the best performances in noisy areas.


With 2 possible configurations: One MASTER and several SLAVES, or all MASTERS


Network Configuration


Bus or Star architecture


All the intercom stations are connected in parallel on the same telephone cable 2 x 2 x 0,6 mm (twisted telephone pairs 6/10 mm),


Power supply at 48 VDC by local power-suppliers or through a separate power cable coming from a centralized power-supplier




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