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HD 2000 Urgence

HD 2000 Urgence

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HD 2000 Urgence
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Robust  Emergency Phones with Handset

The HD 2000 Urgence hot line telephones gives instant access to 1, 2 or 3 preprogrammed numbers.

Fully line powered and using EEPROM memory backup, those telephones guarantee to perform well even after having been temporary disconnected.


The HD 2000 is available in four different models



HD 2000 Urgence 1 :
Automatic dialling of one programmed number when picking up the handset.


HD 2000 Urgence 2 :
2 programmed numbers can be dialled out when depressing M1 or M2 memory key.


HD 2000 Urgence 3 :
3 programmed numbers can be dialled out when depressing M1, M2 or M3 memory key.


HD 2000 Urgence with keypad:
Automatic dialling of one programmed number when picking up the handset. The keypad allows PIN code entering to access automated answering systems for instance.



bulletPrivate or public security, hot line service with instant connection to police department, fire stations, guard posts ....
bulletService and tourism: car rental, hotel reservations, automated bank services, airlines reservations, etc.
bulletEmergency elevator telephones.
bulletDepartment stores: product information or services ...



bulletAccess to reprogramming needs no case opening for maintenance staff, however, in order to enhance security, a locking device prevents from unfortunate or hostile memory changes.
bulletAll units come with an anti-theft wall mount screw.
bulletThe ringer cannot be switched off and 2 blinking leds help identifying the ringing telephone when several are installed close to each other.
bulletOptional desk mount kit is available for versatile uses.



bulletTone-pulse dialling
bullet2 visual ringer leds
bulletEEPROM memory back up
bulletMemory capacity : 23 digits (including *, #, Flash or Pause)
bulletRinger low, medium, high selection
bulletWeight: 0.54 kg
bulletDimensions: 235 x 73 x 72 mm
bulletColors: white, red or dark grey



HD 2000 Urgence
Le Las TLS 245/376
Viking E-1600


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