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Elderly and Disabled

Depaepe Meditel

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Depaepe Meditel

Easy to Use Phones for the Elderly and Disabled 

This one-piece phone is specially designed for use in hospitals and for the elderly and disabled.


All features can be easily used with just one hand. Full use requires almost no movement or effort

A large red button on the top of the phone is used to "pick up" the line and the button remains lighted when the line is in use. To hang up, just push the red button again and the light goes out. 


You can keep the phone near to you because there is no need to use a desk base or wall bracket to hold the phone.


All telephone features are located in the handset:


tone dialing keypad has extra large buttons with high visibility digits,


illuminated buttons for easy use at night or in low light conditions,


large volume control for easy adjustment of receive level,


Hook-flash button,


a flashing LED and a 3-level ringer volume control indicate incoming calls,


red LED on the keypad indicates when the phone is picked up (off-hook),


a reset button below the keypad allows quick access to a new dial tone in case of wrong dialing or the other party's number is busy,


Meditel comes with an empty base unit that can be used for wall mounting or desk use when the phone is not in use.

Line cord is terminated by an RJ-45 


Handset 0.25 kg- Base 0.17 kg

Dimensions : 

Handset 215 x 65 x 62 (mm) - 

Base 215 x 52 x 71 (mm)




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Special Needs
Elderly and Disabled


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