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Le Las Control Console

Le Las TCT 106 

More Information

TCT 106

For Communications and Help Centres

The emergency control console is of modular design and provides communications between the control station and telephones. The console is equipped with 


1 flush-fitting handset 


1 call button  


One or more rows of 7 line buttons, each button with incoming call indicator and fault indicator


 Line connection terminals

The operator can call any telephone by lifting the handset and pressing the relevant line button.

In the event of an incoming call the appropriate indicator flashes intermittently and a general buzzer is sounded. Incoming calls are queued and can be taken in any order by the operator. To answer the call the operator presses the line button which changes the flash to steady state.  

Line faults are reported by both indicator and buzzer



bulletFrom 7 to 56 users LB/CB (higher sizes on demand) 
bulletDesk or flush-mounting 
bulletElectronic circuits mounted in the console (version with electronic circuits in separate cabinet on demand) 
bulletSuitable to connect Local Battery or Central Battery telephones or ACB lines from PTT or PABX 
bulletPulse/DTMF dialling 
bulletSpecial versions for vertical mounting 
bulletAutomatic fault monitoring of telephone lines (open or short circuit) with alarms 
bulletSpecial versions suitable to accept communications among users (PMX)




Depaepe Platine HD
Le Las Control Console


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