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Special Needs

Depaepe HD Max

Depaepe HD Max Photos

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Depaepe HD Max

For the hard of hearing and visually impaired

The HD MAX telephones were designed for hard hearing and for visually impaired people. Some models are perfectly suited for people losing their memory or for those living alone who might be in need of an emergency rescue call at any time.

All of the HD MAX Series telephones are hearing aid compatible. They can all be desk or wall mounted


Big keypad with large digits and Braille dots (both for letters and digits)


2 sliding switches for adjusting incoming voice volume and tone (up to +30 db for the HD MAX and up to +40 db for the HD MAX AMPLI).


Hearing aid compatible handset


Extra loud ringer with 3 levels adjustment (up to +30 db with the HDMAX and up to +40 db for the HD MAX AMPLI)


Visual ringing indicator on top and side of the base.

HD MAX is the standard model, it is fully line powered and it is able to provide up to +30 db amplification. Weight : 1,22 Kg.

HD MAX AMPLI adds a full hands-free speakerphone feature, it comes with an AC adaptor and it is able to provide up to +40 db amplification. Poids : 1,41 Kg.


HD MAX PHOTOS offers 9 one touch memory keys with a clear and simple photo or icon identification.



bulletLine powered
bulletR (flash) key
bulletAdjustable hook-flash (100-300 ms)
bulletLast number redial (BIS)
bulletPause key
bulletOff-low-high ringer volume setting
bulletRinger pitch setting (high or low frequency)
bulletHold key
bullet3 one touch memory keys
bullet10 two-touch memory keys
bulletDesk or wall mountable
bulletColor :white
bulletAudio output
bulletDimensions : 235 x 185 x 85 mm
bulletWeight : 1.22 Kg

HD MAX Ampli,  as HD MAX with extra :

bulletLine powered + AC adaptor
bulletHigh-medium-low ringer volume setting
bulletHands-free speakerphone
bulletWeight : 1.41 Kg

HD MAX PHOTOS, as HD Max with 

bulletMemeory Buttons with Photos or Icons
bulletEeprom memory backup and PIN code memory protection (no unfortunate memory erasure, no battery, no AC adaptor needed).



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