Our Products

Ancillary Products0

For particularly noisy or dirty environments we offer ranges of Acoustic Hoods and Telephone Cabinets. We also supply Line Testers and Tracers - used by Operations and Installers around the world.

Beacons / Sounders / Speakers0

We offer a wide range of Weatherproof, ATEX Explosionproof and Commercial Quality Beacons, Sounders, Ringers and Loudspeakers; for the Heavy Engineering, Petro-chemical, Energy, Transport and Pharmaceutical sectors; and Government authorities, Academic Institutions and the NHS.

Intercom / PA Systems0

Our intercom systems are specially designed to operate in the most aggressive conditions; noise, corrosion, bad weather and vandalism.

VoIP Phones0

VoIP SIP and POE phones for Special Environments from leading European and US manufacturers.

Door / Gate Entry Phones0

Telephone based door and gate entry systems offer many benefits over systems using proprietary communications protocols, and offer an efficient, robust, and cost effective way of installing door and gate entry solutions to existing buildings or large industrial sites without the need for internal wiring to each location. IP Entry Phones can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other IP based security system components, such as CCTV Systems and Alarms

Lift Phones0

We offer autodialler kits to replace existing lift phones and speakers, surface and flush mount autodialler phones to replace or upgrade existing installations, and autodial phones with handsets to replace existing compartment phones Analogue and SIP versions are available, and we offer GSM interface units if required. Appropriate ranges meet the general requirements of the UK Disability Discrimination Act.

Emergency Phones / Call Points0

We offer a wide range of highly vandal resistant and weatherproof emergency help points widely used in Transport, Leisure, Retail, Academic, Local Authority and other public safety environments. Analogue VoIP, SIP and GSM versions available, with pillar mounted and solar panel options if required. Appropriate ranges meet the general requirements of the UK Disability Discrimination Act.

Special Environment Phones0

Our fully certified ranges of vandal resistant, weatherproof and ATEX explosion proof telephones and help points are used worldwide in the Transport, Petro-checmical, Energy and Pharmaceutical sectors; and by government authorities academic instituations and the NHS.

Operations / Business Phones0

Infocom Systems offer a wide range of telephones from leading European manufacturer Depaepe; specifically designed to meet the demanding operational needs and special requirements of professional users.