Le Las Customisable TLS 304 Modul’R Call Points

The Le Las TLA 304 Customisable Modul'R weatherproof telephone featuring a whole range of options such as: flashing beacon display, hands free/handset and more..

General Details

Multi-Functional HandsFree Communications Panel
Developed to meet the needs of Le Las highly professional user base, this range with its patented system of modules is suited to all environments with the key benefits of quality, sound volume and safety.

It feature an exceptionally robust enclosure, (totally metallic, moulded aluminium, fire resistant, weatherproof against water and dust IP66), pure simplicity of design, clear visual identification which causes make the location to stand out (e.g painted borders) in a modular configuration to meet all requirements.
The design is suitable for flushfitting in any wall or panel., surface mounting enclosures are available, while the provision of a base enables it to act as a free standing vehicle or pedestrian call point.

Technical Info

Comprehensive Communications Options

Multiple communications protocols are supported

  •  Analogue Telephony
  •  VOIP
  •  GSM
  •  Intercom
  •  Videophone

Wide variety of Modules

  • Currently available configurations include
    Keypads, buttons,
  • Break-glass,
  • Reassurance indicator,
  • Alarm unit,
  • Security lock etc.

The MODUL –R range will also accommodate the addition of such components as

  • Camera,
  • Monitor,
  • Badge reader,
  • Ticket dispenser. etc

Many Applications
Door entry telephone, Emergency panel, Help point, Information point, or Alarm unit for:

  • Bank security entrance,
  • Shared office blocks,
  • Car parks
  • Fire and Police stations,
  • Transport terminals,
  • Shopping centers,
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