Le Las TLH 214 ATEX Stations

General Details

The LE LAS® UNIVERSAL-OIIS (Omnibus Industrial Intercom System) has been designed to solve all the typical communication network requirements in industrial areas including:
petrochemical complexes,
pharmaceutical and hospital clean rooms
power-plants, ships and off-shore platforms
tunnels and mines,

The system is configured on a omnibus line with distributed electronic and distributed amplifiers: these makes the UNIVERSAL system one of the best
possible solutions for many customers.

Technical Info
  • Bus or Star architecture
  • All the intercom stations are connected in parallel on the same telephone cable 2 x 2 x 0,6 mm (twisted telephone pairs 6/10 mm),
  • Power supply at 48 VDC by local power-suppliers or through a separate power cable coming from a centralized power-supplier
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