Le Las U2G Conference System

Designed to solve typical communication network requirements in industrial areas such as petrochemical complexes, steel-works, power-plants, ships and off-shore platforms, tunnels and mines and railways. The system is configured on a omnibus line with distributed electronics and distributed amplifiers.

General Details

The Clean Room Conference Network is based on The LE LAS® UNIVERSAL-OIIS (Omnibus Industrial Intercom System), designed to satisfy the typical communication network requirements in pharmaceutical, healthcare and other clean room environments.

These “push-to-talk” intercom units provide a cost effective solution for one-to-one or group communications between clean rooms or into non-clean room areas.

  • The system is always on (“listening”) and either party can push the button to talk.
  • Clean Room, industrial and office stations are available in various configurations

Clean Room Conference Stations
The units comprise of a painted steel-plate backing-case and a stainless waterproof faceplate (IP65) with a self-adhesive transparent plastron polyester laminate to the front face with integrated keypad.

  • Symbols are printed on the reverse side to avoid ink particulate shredding.
  • The polyester face-plate is resistant to all solvents, except for concentrated minerals, concentrated caustic solution, high-pressure steam above 100°C, alcohol benzyn, and methylene chloride.
  • Fungicides, bacteriocides and viruticides may be also used.
  • An optional 5W loudspeaker is available for very noisy environments
  • Flush Mount or Surface Mount options are available
Technical Info
  • Bus or Star architecture
  • All the intercom stations are connected in parallel on the same telephone cable 2 x 2 x 0,6 mm (twisted telephone pairs 6/10 mm),
  • Power supply at 48 VDC by local power-suppliers or through a separate power cable coming from a centralized power-supplier
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