Special Environment Phones

Our fully certified ranges of vandal resistant, weatherproof and ATEX explosion proof telephones and help points are used worldwide in the Transport, Petro-checmical, Energy and Pharmaceutical sectors; and by government authorities academic instituations and the NHS.

Weatherproof and Vandal Resistant Phones11

Versatile ranges of telephones with handset or handsfree to meet the needs of any industrial environment. All available in VoIP and Analogue.

Control Room Phones4

Our ranges of control room phones have been designed to meet the diverse needs of these demanding environments . We offer a variety of flush mount, wall mount and desk top units, with flexible microphones and visual display options.

Clean Room Phones1

Specifically designed for pharmaceutical, hospital theatre and other clean room applications. Telephone line powered, requiring no additional power supply. The units conform to IP.6.5 for water and dust protection. The polyester face-plate is resistant to most solvents. Fungicides, bacteriocides and viruticides may be used. VoIP versions also available

ATEX Explosionproof Phones3

We offer a range of explosion proof telephones from Le Las to meet the wide variety of demands within ATEX environments. Le Las’ TLA 214 series are extremely robust units with high powered speakers for very noisy environments and a handsfree loudspeech capability. The TLA 227 Series offer a very robust aluminium housing with a universally acclaimed secure on hook capability. While the polycarbonate enclosure of the TLA 229 series offers additional functionality and improved economics.