Lift Phones

We offer autodialler kits to replace existing lift phones and speakers, surface and flush mount autodialler phones to replace or upgrade existing installations, and autodial phones with handsets to replace existing compartment phones
Analogue and SIP versions are available, and we offer GSM interface units if required.

Appropriate ranges meet the general requirements of the UK Disability Discrimination Act.

Handsfree Lift Phones6

DDA Compliant Lift Phones with Built-in Auto Dialer and Digital Announcer We offer a variety of lift phones to meet the communication needs of lift occupants, and maintenance workers on top of the cabin or at the bottom of the lift shaft. They are easy to use, simple to install using existing communications networks, and compatible with common Central Station Monitoring equipment

Autodial Lift Phones with Handsets2

Direct Replacement for existing Lift Phones Easily programmable to call the number of your choice