Autodial Lift Phones with Handsets

Direct Replacement for existing Lift Phones Easily programmable to call the number of your choice

Depaepe HD 2000 Lift Hot Line Phone

The HD 2000 Urgence hot line telephones gives instant access to 1, 2 or 3 preprogrammed numbers. Fully line powered and using EEPROM memory backup, those telephones guarantee to perform well even after having been disconnected. Typical applications: - Private or public security, hot line service with instant connection to police department, fire stations, guard posts .... - Service and tourism: car rental, hotel reservations, automated bank services, airlines reservations, etc. - Emergency elevator telephones.

Depaepe HD 2000 IP Lift Hot Line Phone

The IP version of the famous HD2000 wall telephone carries on this unique design that firmly secures the handset to the base. All models come with 2 Ethernet ports Internet/PC (bridge/router). Typical applications : Airports, railway stations, underground stations, museums, hot line services with instant connection to police departments or fire stations or guard posts, department stores cashier telephones, hotels, airlines and car rental reservations, automated bank services...