Line Test Equipment

Depaepe Cable generator – Tracer

Using the HD Generator and HD Tracer, wire location and identification becomes an easy job for installation and repair technicians : • The HD Generator provides a strong audio signal with either single or dual tones for tracing lines, plus it has built-in continuity and polarity testing capabilities.

Deapeape Series 6 Local Battery Test Set

Intended for communication and testing over dead (non-powered) wires, this test set has two main applications : • Local battery operation. • Cable tracing.

Depaepe Series 630 Test Set

At the top, the Series 630 was designed for operators and installers who care about the satisfaction of their customers. Providing high quality service requires no interruption of data signal and no confusion between analog and digital lines when monitored by the technicians.

Depaepe Series 4 Test Set

The standard test set of the range. The Series 4 is used by many operators and Telcos worldwide. Famous for its reliability and ruggedness, its features answer the technician's needs and it has often become their preferred tool. A headset provides hands-free operation ability.