Le Las TLH 214 ATEX Stations

General Details

LE LAS TELSON industrial Intercom System is a Page Line System, composed of industrial intercom stations

  • Weather-proof,
  • Explosion proof
  • Desk mounting.
    Each station is equipped with handset and keypad. Each station is connected to a 20 Watt local sound box to drive a separate re-entrant loudspeaker.


  • 50 Watt Sound boxes are also available.
    All the stations are connected in parallel on the same multi pairs telephone cable. All the electronic circuits are distributed in the intercom stations. No central exchange is necessary.

Main facilities

  • General Paging through loudspeakers (one or more zones), from any station
  • Communication between two or more users by means of one of the available Party Lines (from 1 to 10 Party Lines)

Key Benefits
The TELSON 3000 system offers:


  • Performance like a standard telephone system, when the TELSON3000 is connected to any PABX;
  • Performance like a standard party-paging line intercom system, with the possibility to broadcast the message like a P.A. system
  • An estimable decrease of the installation cost, due to the very simple telephone architecture
  • Total eradication of the “feed-back” (Larsen) problem,
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