Le Las TLH 402 Weatherproof Intercom Station

General Details

The LE LAS® UNIVERSAL-OIIS (Omnibus Industrial Intercom System) has been designed to satisfy the typical communication network requirements in pharmaceutical, healthcare and other clean room environments.

The system is configured on a omnibus line with distributed switching and distributed amplifiers: these makes the UNIVERSAL system one of the best

possible solutions for many customers.

Clean Room Intercom Stations
The units comprise of a painted steel-plate backing-case and a stainless waterproof faceplate (IP65) with a self-adhesive transparent plastron polyester laminate to the front face with integrated keypad.

  • Symbols are printed on the reverse side to avoid ink particulate shredding.
  • The polyester face-plate is resistant to all solvents, except for concentrated minerals, concentrated caustic solution, high-pressure steam above 100°C, alcohol benzyn, and methylene chloride.
  • Fungicides, bacteriocides and viruticides may be also used.
  • An optional 5W loudspeaker is available for very noisy environments
  • Flush Mount or Surface Mount options are available

General Technical Characteristics

  • Up to 25 km and over, with standard copper telephone
  • Easy to expand from 2 up to 100 stations, without central exchange cabinet
  • Possibility to close the communication cables in a loop, so that the system will be operating also in case of cable interruption.
  • Local electronic and local amplification for the highest reliability and the best possible sound adjustment.
  • Hands-Free with PTT controlled by one side only: the best performances in noisy areas.
  • With 2 possible configurations: One MASTER and several SLAVES, or all MASTERS
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